Idol Comeback Talks Stalled

Idol’s plans to end its “goodbye – for now” are in jeopardy as its two production companies Freemantle and Core Media can’t agree on whose offer to take for a 2018 re-boot. Reportedly, Fox and NBC have made offers to re-air the show.

Fox wants Idol back because it was still a very popular show when it was canceled. In 2016, Idol tied with The Voice for 12th in the ratings. Fox decided to shutter Idol because of the show’s high costs which were driven in large part by the salaries of Ryan and the judges. Idol’s hiatus would give them a chance to re-boot the show with less costly judges.

NBC’s plans were to replace The Voice with Idol in the fall and combine Idol (fall), The Voice (spring) and America’s Got Talent (summer) into a yearly package of reality shows. This was the offer preferred by Freemantle as they are also the production company for America’s Got Talent. Core Media felt that rolling Idol up into NBC’s package would water down the show’s brand.

So, the re-boot talks are off but just “for now”? Money does have a way of helping people find common ground.

And speaking of goodbye for now, look for an announcement of this blog’s own re-boot coming VERY soon.

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2 Comments on “Idol Comeback Talks Stalled”

  1. […] With Idol on hiatus, it’s time for me to turn my musings to other matters since my musing mind never goes on hiatus. With decades of music listening behind me and, hopefully, decades of new music listening ahead of me; moments of outrage (music awards shows) and euphoria (typically some new UK artist like Rag ‘n’ Bone Man) needing an outlet; massive changes happening in the music business – and by the business I mean the industry; and the delusional belief that somebody, anybody, actually cares about my feelings about such things, I have created a new blog – Ray’s Musings: Mostly Music Mixed with Miscellaneous Mayhem. […]

  2. […] putting the rumors and speculation to rest, ABC announced that it has reached a deal to bring Idol back perhaps as soon as March […]

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