The Last Shocking Elimination?

It wouldn’t have been a legit season of Idol without a shocking elimination, right? So with downloads of La’P’s iTunes single again badly lagging behind Trent, Boy Band Dude and even MacKenzie’s humdrum Hallelujah, we need to be even more prepared for the possibility (likelihood?) that one of the best singers[1] Idol’s ever seen may not sing for the crown on Wednesday night.

If this happens, don’t believe it represents a victory of young voters over the, uh, older ones who would be more likely to vote for La’P. I believe the, uh, older voters are divided amongst all three.

And having a Trent vs. Boy Band Dude Finale would mark the complete and irrevocable hegemony[2] of white males. The show really does need to end – even with still top 20 ratings, by the way – if the most likely possible winners can be identified when the season begins just by looking at the contestants.

I’m getting ahead of myself with an annual rant that may be unnecessary. All I’m really saying is that it’s fine to be angry should La’P miss the Final Finale Forever. Just don’t be shocked.

And for the record, if that happens, I will be angry.


[1] I think she’s the best. Period.

[2] I promised a blog reader on Facebook that I would use the word hegemony.

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