We Have a Winner (so to speak)

Despite having my heart ripped straight out of my chest by last night’s news that My Girl Jax would not be the next American Idol (but perhaps its next big star?), I was still able to maintain my annual tradition of enjoying The Finale. There are two reasons why this is so.

First, is the amazing level of live interaction I experience with my peeps everywhere. I pretty much have every tool of social media and every electronic device going at the same time, so much so that I miss half of the action on the TV screen (except for every moment that My Girl Jax is on). It’s like being at a party.

Second, The Finale is two hours of complete cheese ball corn[1] that I can totally enjoy in a hatewatch kind of way. The first 30 minutes or so was sponsored by the AARP and featured the decaying carcasses of The Jackson Whatever Number They Are Now about whom I got a text from somebody asking, “Is something was wrong with the sound? It sounds bad.” Nothing wrong with the sound beyond their inability to get any out of their vocal chords any longer.

We also went back to the disco era with Chic, relived the Vida Loca with Ricky Martin and I’m not really sure what to make of the (Not At All) New Kids on the Block.

Fortunately, the cheese ball corn was occasionally interrupted by moments of sheer brilliance such as Rayvon’s outfit and the sublime duet he sang with Jamie Foxx. Rayvon should have sung with that same level of restraint all year. There’s also the cognitive dissonance experienced with enjoying the hot song by the despicable Chris Brown.

And then there was My Girl Jax looking all rockstar glam and tearing up Piece of My Heart with Aero. The two of them ending the song on their backs on the judges’ desk was a pure rock ‘n roll moment, boys and girls.

By the way, was it just me or did anybody else think that Clark had learned to mimic every single one of Michael McDonald’s mannerisms? 

Of course, the show is ultimately all about crowning a winner. The proceedings opened rather awkwardly with Clark and Nick clumsily being merged into Fall Out Boy performing their massive anthem Centuries, which is ironic since it’s likely we’ll have forgotten about both of them this time next year. And I couldn’t help being distracted all night by hearing the voice of My Mom[2] screaming down from heaven, “Ray! (with a very long “a”) How is Jax not in this?” Yeah, My Mom, I’m going to have that Adam-didn’t-win outrage for a long time on this one.

But given the rather unfortunate choice between Nack and Clirk Nick and Clark (see, I can’t remember them already), the “right” one won. If we’re talking about a current artist, having Clark duet tonight with the way-past-his-prime Michael McDonald[3] while Nick got a duet with current hitmaker Andy Grammar said everything we needed to know. I think Scott Borchetta’s got his work cut out for him with Nick but it will be a lot easier to make some noise on the charts than with Clark.

Still, I am hopeful without being confident that My Girl Jax lands a record deal somewhere. As I have previously written, while there are the notable exceptions, the rule is that the road forward is hard for those who don’t win much less finish third. The overwhelming majority of non-winners aren’t heard from again. I continue to believe Jax was Scott’s favorite and I think she will be a huge crowd favorite on the tour much as Adam Lambert was the must-see Idolist on his season’s tour.

As always, expect me to keep track of who’s doing what from this season once they get out into the real world. And the last show is never the end of the blog until the next season. I always have so much music stuff to share with you and will continue to do so.

Before I wrap this season up, I may as well make it official: the regal title of The My Girl of My Girls has been passed on from My Girl Alexis Grace (Season 8) to My Girl Jax. With only one season left, it’s likely the she will own the title forever. I will always treasure the significant contributions that My Girl Alexis made to my life and will continue to stalk follow her on the Twitter.[4]

So that’s it for now. Excuse me while I pour a glass of wine and start re-watching Jax’s performances from this season on the YouTube.


[1] That’s actually not a thing, is it?

[2] As my Mom was known by in the blog.

[3] Who I still blame for ruining the Doobie Brothers, who were once a nice little rock band.

[4] She’s very funny by the way.

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