Another One (Voice Winner) Bites the Dust

Whoever you’re rooting for on The Voice aka The Game Show With Singing – stop. Just stop now. On Tuesday, Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks confirmed that last season’s “winner” Craig Wayne Boyd was dropped from his label deal just FIVE MONTHS after his “victory.”

I believe I had that.

And in the show’s continuing smoke and mirrors hypocrisy, this news about Craig’s deal was known while he was making his “triumphant return” to the show and talking with host Carson Daly about his supposed post-Voice success.

So let’s update the record. That makes three “winners[1]” in seven seasons that didn’t actually get to make a record with the recording contract that was purportedly their prize. A fourth, Season 5’s Tessanne Chin, released an album that sold so few copies (7,000) that it virtually was a non-release. And the first winner Javier Colon has said that he got so little support from the show and his “record deal” that he would have been better off losing and having the freedom to promote himself.

History seems to be proving him right. The race to become the first breakout artist from The Voice aka The Game Show With Singing[2] is among people who didn’t come close to winning the show (with one exception) and have had the freedom to do without any “help” from The Voice:

  • Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse video has 17m views on YouTube, album on Atlantic Records coming out this year, eliminated in Top 6, Season 3
  • Avery Wilson: working with Clive Davis on an album with RCA, eliminated in knockout round, Season 3
  • Matt McAndrew, #1 single on iTunes, signed to Republic Records, runner-up Season 7
  • Judith Hill: touring with and being promoted by Prince, eliminated in Top 8, Season 4

If you’ve missed my prior rants about the show, here’s a sample:

As for the rest of this season, which is close to crowning a “winner”, be careful who you’re rooting for. You really don’t want them to win.


[1] Jermaine Paul (S2), Josh Kaufmann (S6)

[2] That’s right. Seven seasons. Zero star artists.

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  1. […] look-the-other-way stance was never more evident than in May when I wrote on Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd making his “triumphant return” to The Voice and being congratulated on all his post-show […]

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