Rediscovering Trespassing

trespassWith the January 30th article In Defense of Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: Why His Last Album Should Be Rediscovered, Billboard has done a wonderful look back at an album that illustrates how great music may go undiscovered for lack of a “hit” single. (In my recent blog The Deal With Adam Lambert’s Big Deal, I wrote how a confounding lack of label support undermined it’s success, too.)

I can’t add much more than a couple of cents to this excellent and thorough piece so I leave it to you to check out the link below.

My two cents are that I’m happy the writer (Jason Lipshutz) mentioned the songs Broken English (“sounds like the opening song of a Nine Inch Nails Broadway musical”) and “the enjoyable” Chokehold. Along with Underneath, they form a trio of dark songs in the middle of the album that I always find intensely enjoyable. I would also single out Runnin’ where Adam displays implausible vocal virtuosity.

Also, if you can score the GORGEOUS song Map and By the Rules from the U.K. release of the album, you’ll be very, very happy.

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