Alex & Sierra out-charting Xtina

Yes, I watched X Factor results tonight rather than the TV remake of The Sound of Music. Not that you would know that this was a question but what form of music do I detest more: country or musicals? Answer: That’s way too hard to decide. Can you give me an easier question like what is the square root of pi?

I do love the song Favorite Things, though – but the jazz classic played by John Coltrane.

Go ahead and hate but the idea of people spontaneously breaking into song and dance when there are no musicians around just doesn’t work for me. Unless it involves Fred Astaire because he was so cool.

Anyway, this is an X Factor blog so let’s talk results. Rion and Ellona were eliminated. Ellona leaving this week was a mild surprise but not that big of a deal.

Here’s what is a big deal. Alex & Sierra’s version of Say Something is currently #1 on iTunes. Not only that, it’s higher on the charts than the original version by A Great Big World and  . . . wait for it . . . The Voice judge/mentor Christina Aguilera.[1] It’s one thing to get your version of an old song on the top of the charts. And while that’s a worthy achievement, it’s wholly another to get a #1 while the current version is a big hit. Nicely done and well-deserved, Alex & Sierra!

And speaking of The Voice, did I understand correctly that Carson Daly basically claimed guest singer Kelly Clarkson as part of The Voice family? Yeah, I know she served as a guest mentor one week but really, Carson? Is the show so desperate to have a successful act come out of it that they will claim the original American Idol as theirs? Wow.

Anyway, the fantabulous Alex & Sierra are now up against three remaining acts that aren’t that good and a group of voters who don’t seem to care about good singers.[2] Again, memo to Fox – please have the NSA find out who these people are and keep them away from American Idol. But as long as they continue to retain their voting rights on X Factor, I will refrain from gushing too much over Alex & Sierra lest they also suffer the fate of superior singers on this show. Except to say that I can’t wait to see what they will do next week.

And speaking of Idol, the commercials for this season are getting me excited. January 15. My calendar is clearly marked.


[1] As of this writing, it’s #3.

[2] Khaya Cohen and Lillie McCloud – gone but not forgotten.

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One Comment on “Alex & Sierra out-charting Xtina”

  1. k bangart Says:

    alex and sierra all the way, they are the best and most complete musicians on there,they will be able to write there own music, play there own music, and sing there own music, the other two acts cant hold a candle to that as performers, although jeff is a serious rock star and should have a great career after all this alex and sierra win hands down….on the outside chance they don’t win xfactor il bet they secure a contract for more than xfactor had to offer, there gold record artists and I wish them the best life has to offer in there upcoming career….

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